When Anaïs Nin died, her obituary in the New York Times noted that her husband was Hugh Parker Guiler also known as Ian Hugo. On the other coast the LA Times ran a similar story listing Rupert Pole as her husband. Their birthdays were three days apart. Hugo’s birthday was February 15th, Pole’s the 18th. Nin’s birthday was February 21st. In her diaries Nin writes about her interest in astrology particularly in the eccentric Conrad Moricand Moricand, who Nin referred to as the last of the Mohicans and Henry Miller as The Devil in Paradise in his book of the same name:

“… It was Anus Nin who introduced me to Conrad Moricand. She brought him to my studio in the Villa Seurat …”

Pisces Artwork by Celebrations’s artist Adele Aldridge from her Yoga Babe Cafe

A discussion of Nin’s Sun/Neptune trine which might explain the bi-coastal valentines from an astrological perspective can be found in Nick Dagon Best’s analysis: Anaïs Nin My Funny Valentine on Astrology for The Soul.

Nin was a Pisces. Her two life long Valentines were Aquarians. Other insights can be found on astrology.com’s Star Stories

Story: Author and diarist Anaïs Nin kept private record of her wild sensual double life, the one she kept secret from her husband for decades. She began writing her diary while sailing to the U.S. from Spain just prior to the outbreak of the first World War. Her most famous liaison was a love triangle with fellow author Henry Miller and his wife June.

Stars: Nin was born with natal Jupiter and the Sun conjunct in Pisces, trine Neptune retrograde in Cancer, signifying both her great love of pleasure and gift for documenting her experiences and deepest feelings with little evidence of
self-censorship. Astrology demonstrates how transits involving Neptune, and its strong relationship with Jupiter and the Sun in her natal chart, had a recurring presence at key moments in her life.