Jan-Christine Johnson wrote us about a new book of poems entitled Dear Anaïs (with a preface by Tristine Rainer)it’s available on Amazon. This is what the author, Diana Raab wrote about her recent work on her very nice WordPress blog Diana’s Notebook in the post Poetry and Journals,
“Excuses are made by those who make mistakes. Apologies are made by those who did something wrong. I did neither, but I do want to explain my lapse in writing. My new poetry collection DEAR ANAIS: MY LIFE IN POEMS FOR YOU (preface by Tristine Rainer), was released this week and I have been busy with the preliminary publicity.
I hope my readers buy this book not only because I admire Nin and her wise words about writing, love and life, but the collection is a good example of how poems can be culled from journals. All the poem
s in the book were born on the pages of my journal. (BTW, if you read the book and enjoy it, please consider posting a review on Amazon…it will help other readers and me of course!)Many of the poems were inspired by a famous quotation, a compelling line or an observation. These all serve as good launching points. Poetry is all about observations and the more you see, the stronger your poetry will be.
Until next time—happy reading and happy writing!”