When I was working on the diary
I became aware of a wonderful image:
relationships were very much like stellar
constellations–friendships gravitated around
the cities of my life. Paris, New York, Los Angeles, (Rome)
Anaïs Nin Slightly Revised

Artist Patricia Glee Smith , Otricoli, Italy

Artist Patricia Glee Smith did that little drawing of the snail mail below
many years ago for a rubberstamp site, The RubberStamp Queen. On the site she is briefly described:

Most of the stamps in our catalog were drawn by Patricia Glee Smith, an American painter and etcher who lives and works in Rome, with her Italian filmmaker husband. She is an artist involved in many archaelogical digs around the world. Her tiny drawings have graced the pages of The New Yorker, and her large etchings and paintings are in private collections around the world. Her trompe l’oeil murals have been commissioned for private residences, from an elegant palazzo in Firenze to a spacious highrise on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive

Please check out her beautiful site at:

Patricia Smith, Otricoli, Italy

She is also a frequent contributor to the spectacular daily graphic email the Italian Notebook
a free daily email about all things Italian for Italy lovers everywhere! write info@italiannotebook.com for further info on her posts. Since there is a new post every
day our site does not have specific addresses for her specific entries, but perhaps you
can try search engines under these terms:

“contributed by Patricia Glee Smith (see bio), accomplished artist and very involved archaeology afficionado based in Otricoli, Umbria. ” and these particular articles:
Collestatte Chestnut Festival “Collestatte – All over Italy local festivities or sagre are held to celebrate harvests, saints or special foods. “

or Olive Picking “Tuscany – There are some rituals in Italy which are timeless, and have remained virually unchanged throughout the centuries. Olive picking is one of them.”