Book Tastings: Stars in My Sky

Notes on Translation to WWW

Stars in My Sky cover

In translating Valerie Harms’ essay on Anaïs Nin from Stars in My Sky to the WWW, I have strived to retain the look and feel of the text as it was originally published in 1975. Most people will be able to view the text in one of two san serif fonts (Arial or Helvetica); those having neither font in their system will see the text in whatever proportional font is their browser’s default.

I have endeavored to mirror the indentation of the original publication; however, due to the limitations of HTML, the layout of these WWW pages differs in that the margins are left-justified; in the original publication, the text was fully-justified.

Due to the length of the essay (which ran over 40 pages), I have divided it into six parts, each approx. 6-10 screen heights in length.

The original cover art appears to the left. The cover was designed by Sas Colby, incorporating calligraphy by Moira Collins.

Dante A. Bacani