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“I think if we come back to the concept of a small and intimate universe and then realized that what we call the communal life or mass movements are really aggregates of individuals and that the more marvelous, the more developed, the more expanded, the deeper, the more poetic, the more free the individual is, then the mass, the larger movements would take on a different character.”

–Anaïs Nin in A Woman Speaks (edited by Evelyn Hinz)

Visit the Thinking of Anaïs Nin Web Store

Thinking of Anaïs Nin Web Store

Nothing was as small and intimate as the lovely purple postcards that Anaïs Nin sent out. We have taken her intimate logo and signature and have put it on intimate and small objects such as a journal, coffee mug and notecards. Please consider adding these small treasures (journals, notecards, mugs, and mousepads) to your small and intimate universe!

Your purchase of these journals, notecards, mugs and mousepad will enable us to continue to run this pro-bono site. Please visit the Thinking of Anaïs Nin Web Store.

“You are the spendthrift, I am the coiner”

–Anaïs Nin

You can develop your Anaïs Nin library by buying from our Associates Bookstore. Besides books about Nin, you can purchase cassettes of her reading her works, a beautiful video entitled Anaïs Observed by Robert Snyder as well as it’s companion volume Anaïs Nin Observed a book version of the film.

Pieces of You

Through our links to you can also pick up Jewel’s landmark CD (4 million sold) with her lyrical “Morning Song” which mentions Anaïs.

“You can be Henry Miller and I’ll be Anaïs Nin / Except this time it will be even better / we’ll stay together in the end.

–Jewel, Pieces of You, Morning Song.

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Henry & June

In this film about the love triangle between, Henry Miller his wife June and Anaïs Nin, Uma Thurman plays June Miller, and Maria de Medeiros , a Portuguese actress portrays the young Anaïs Nin. Sharon Spencer calls Medeiros’ portrayal of Nin “flawless”. Paul Herron, whose book Mirrors is linked in our site, was inspired to start studies of Nin after seeing this film. Surely a must for all Nin and Henry Miller fans.

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We launched this site in summer of 1995. In 1996 we had great press! Not only were we featured in the February 96 issue of MacHome with an actual photo of the site, but through Barbara Sapp’s efforts in trying to save Anaïs’s home, we were featured in writeups in Le Figaro the Guardian and other European papers.

This site has been a labor of love and thus has been subsidized by private donations and we wish to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in helping us to bring film and sound snippets of Anaïs on line to donate funds or use your professional or personal charm to help to make this dream a reality. We would like to thank Warren Laine of Germany for our very first donation. The site is also grateful to the generous donation of Danielle M. Efron of Beverly Hills California. This site is grateful to its legal counsel, Lance Haddix as well as Mr. Rupert Pole’s spokesman at the start of negotiations for the original site (pre Xeno Media) Mr. Bruce Cohen and his wife Simone-Marie Lorenz.

Because we are doing this out of love and affection and spent thousands of dollars developing the site to exist as an on line resource that is timeless, if you wish to have a more timely and au currant site, please start your own.