Thinking of Anais Nin: Memories

Personal Recollections of Anaïs Nin:

Anaïs Nin Blog

Adele Aldridge

Lili Bita

Judith Citrin

Valerie Harms

Rochelle Holt

Ian Hugo

Donna Ippolito – Swallow Press

Simone Marie Lorenz

Georgiana Peacher

Maryanne Raphael

Sharon Spencer

Durrett & Betty Wagner and Swallow Press

Morton Weisman

E-mail Memories:

Suzanne Graeber

Jenny Lens


Alex Thayer

Wesley Yamaka

Although those who knew Anaïs don’t always have a photo of the two of them together, we are asking those who knew her and are contributing memories to please include a photo of yourself at the time of your meeting, and a brief description of how you met, either through letter or in person.