Thinking of Anais Nin: Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen and Simone Marie Lorenz were the original spokepersons, goodwill ambassadors and go-betweens between the site and the Nin Trust. Here are some of the original documents initially provided:

Site Map

We add them here to show not only how far we have come from the first site that was up, but also to have an ultimate plan in the event the site ever attracts a big donor. These pages were sent on by Simone Marie Lorenz, Bruce Cohen’s wife.

“Looks like it is what we created for Rupert and Gunther (The Trust) in our roles as go-betweens between you and they who were without Internet access/sensibilities. You may already have this though… In any case, here it is.”

–Simone Marie Lorenz

Although we need to protect these two pioneers privacy, the site wishes to acknowledge how important their emotional and physical support over the years has been.