I would appreciate a moment of your time to comment on this translation of Celebration with Anaïs Nin from print to the WWW.

I have executed the layout of this WWW site in a style which very closely replicates the design of Celebration as it was published in 1973. That design was acknowledged in the book as follows: THE LOOK OF THE BOOK, graphics, typography and layout by Adele Aldridge.

As you progress through the pages of this WWW site, you will see the font faces and sizes change repeatedly. Aldridge’s approach was to assign a font face and size to each person whose speech was recorded in the chapter: If six different people spoke, two different font faces (one a serif font, one sans serif), each displayed in three different sizes, would be used to differentiate the speakers visually. If there were more than six or so speakers, one font face and size might be assigned to two or more of those people who did not speak often.

I have used approximately 80% of the graphics/illustrations which appeared in the original publication. All of them originally were printed in the same violet monotone in which they have been reproduced here. Many of the images (usually those at the top of a page, before or after the “CHAPTER ____” title) have had their dimensions reduced to optimize them for quick loading on the WWW; whenever practical, I left them at their original size.

I would like to thank Moira Collins for giving me this opportunity to engage my ingenuity and design skills in bringing Celebration to the WWW. I applaud her efforts in bringing the work and spirit of Anaïs Nin to the WWW, and I encourage you to explore the Anaïs Nin WWW site and watch its ongoing development. I hope you will enjoy (or have enjoyed, depending on when you read these comments) this vicarious experience with Anaïs Nin and the strangers (many of whom left the gathering with friendships that have endured for over a quarter-century) she joined in Celebration.