Book Tastings: Celebration

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This [WWW site] is the record of an intimate weekend dialogue among thirty diverse strangers who came to meet one of this century’s most original authors, Anaïs Nin, and some important persons from her life and work.

The instructive experiences of the Weekend, and the rich influence it had in many lives afterwards are herein presented for the public in the same spirit of celebration.

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WWW Editor’s Notes by Dante A. Bacani

Preface by Evelyn J. Hinz

Part I: Circles and Dreams

1. The Cosmos of Anaïs Nin
2. Magic Circles

Part II: The Living Dream Weekend

3. The Celebrants Arrive
4. Anaïs Nin: Life as Celebration
5. Frances Steloff: Reminisces on the Gotham Book Mart
6. William Claire: The Relevance of Literary Magazines
7. Evelyn J. Hinz: The Creative Critic
8. Daisy Aldan: Books Created by the Living Hand
9. Anaïs Nin: Excerpts from the Diary
10. Beatrice Harris: Difficulties of Being Woman & Artist
11. Anna Balakian: The Poetic Reality of Anaïs Nin
12. Presentations by Celebrants

Part III: Outward from the Dream

13. Letters & Things
14. Larry Sheehan: I Celebrate Therefore I Am
15. Anaïs Nin: The Magic Circles Weekend

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