Thinking of Anais Nin: Message from Moira, Valerie, and William James

Message from Moira, Valerie, and William James

“As long as there are postmen, life will have zest.”
— William James

Memo from Moira, Valerie and William James:

After nine years we are no longer able to answer basic questions. When the site started, the web was in it’s infancy. We felt a responsibility to develop the site in a fashion that it could be a timeless “start” to discovering a side of Anaïs not always found in her biographies. The web site has been featured in MAC-User and our web site URL appeared in a story on saving Nin’s home in Figaro.We also treasure the wonderful comments people have made about the site. Now there is no excuse for not doing your own research on line, taking the time to go through this site, or visiting others. We don’t give authorizations, we don’t tell you how to find quotes and we don’t do homework. If you wish to contact Mr. Pole contact the Foundation.

M. Collins Griffin is (still) working on her memory of Nin and until that is finished she is in a Greta Garboesque e-mail mode. You won’t hear from her until she’s finished writing HER memory! Please write her at PO Box 863 Beverly Shores Indiana 46301. She’s always charmed by real letters, and is planning to put her letters from Anaïs up as part of her memory. As soon as Moira is finished, this message will mysteriously disappear and she’ll be back in touch with her wireless laptop and Palm. Being a momentum investor in tech, the deep financial pockets she had to subsidize this site have disappeared. She’s gone back to one of the gifts Anaïs taught her, writing in her diary. As Gertrude Stein said ” A diary means yes, indeed” and of course preparing herself for the next bull run!

We would like to point out that everything on this site had to receive permission in terms of copyright from Anaïs Nin’s estate. We would encourage everyone to honor her copyrights. We would encourage everyone to buy her books. She is alive in all our hearts from the power of her beautiful words. As E. M. Forrester wrote, “Only connect.” Our connection began with Celebration.