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July 20, 2008

We want to thank Jan Johnson for suggesting to Rochelle and I that the site have a little memory of Anaïs’s husband, Hugh Parker Guiler, known as Ian Hugo.

This photo of Ian Hugo was taken in 1983 and appears on

Dear Moira and Rochelle, Rochelle mentioned in a posting that she has an Ian Hugo article. Out of fairness and due respect to him, could you devote part of about the banker who had the magical courage and insight to become an artist ? You know his life changed because of his love for Anaïs. Thank you / Blessings. Jan-Christine Johnson

Valerie Harms, who had met Ian Hugo was asked to write a brief memory which she just shared with the site. We regret that we have no photos of Hugo to accompany her text.

Photographs: I know there are some wonderful ones of Hugo doing his copper engravings. In fact, a short film shows how his method. Perhaps stills are available, I don’t know. The person who would have had these pictures is Gunther Stuhlmann, her agent. I believe on his death they were given to Rupert Pole. Another person who might have pictures is Paul Herron, whose Sky Blue Press ( continued publishing Anaïs, An International Journal. Haste is required with him because he is phasing out, I believe. Other sources might be scholars, such as Benjamin Franklin.

NB a recent response to this italicized note from Valerie, from Paul Herron, posted on our guestbook:

Please note that Paul Herron of Sky Blue Press not Blue Sky Press is not phasing out, and has released Volume 5 of A Café In Space: The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal this year, and Vol. 6 is set for release in 2009. In addition, the 1939 version of The Winter of Artifice was also recently released. We are still distributing Volumes 1-19 of Gunther Stuhlmann’s Anaïs, An International Journal and that is not the same journal as A Café In Space: The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal nor is it a continuation thereof. Requests for permission are to be made in writing to the Anaïs Nin Trust, not the foundationBlockquote

Thus if anyone wishes to volunteer to pursue these suggestions that Valerie suggested the site pursue, we’d be most grateful. for the site, we’d very much appreciate it. The lovely , elusive and evocotive snippet that Valerie penned makes us wish very much that we had the staff and money to pursue these tasks.

A loyal reader has sent these Ian Hugo photos Some Hugo images here

The loyal reader also sent on a film link! for Ian Hugo