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November 16, 2008

This image was taken from a blog on myspace, we grabbed the image from Google Images, and wanted to attribute the beautiful artwork and encourage visiting such a creative site. We post it because this is the quote the site is most asked attribution for…

we don’t know if it’s apocryphal if might have been a line in a lecture, many of these lectures were transcribed by Evelyn Hines whose book The Sensitive Man and Other Essays published by Swallow Press had “summarized” many of the lectures Nin gave in the last years of her life. It’s really a marvelous little book and we’d encourage everyone to try and grab a copy on a site like To our knowledge, the quote is not in the Diaries or the fiction…but like any urban legend, it’s true even if it never happened!

November 8, 2008

Apologies for linking to a fabulous interview in an earlier post which was posted on you tube and taken down because of copyright infringement. Perhaps those of you that are French speaking can find it from the above note (taken from a great web site on Miller which notes:

Le sel de la semaine TV show interviewed Anaïs Nin ten months later, in 1970. You can view the full hour interview (in French) for free on your computer by visiting the Radio-Canada (CBC) Archives website

Happy Hunting! in the Les Archives of Radio-Canada. We’d love it if someone would volunteer to translate the below for the site.

It looks like you might be able to link to it (juin 18, 1970) here

and this photo speaking of copyright issues is from Anaïs Nin, c. 1972.

© Bettmann/Corbis