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Barbara Kraft’s Memoir on Anaïs Nin: Sky Blue Press

Recently in posting information on Barbara Kraft’s memoir Last Days, we realized that any readers who want more information on their storied connection should visit the following “official Anaïs Nin blog” hosted on Sky Blue Press’s web site, the publishers of Kraft’s book. Our little blog exists, solely to update info and it must be self evident, that it’s done really in the form of a letter to a friend. We wrote about Barbara Kraft because we had admired the author and knowing our love of her book, Steven Reigns who was at a reading, helpfully sent the write ups and also his photos which I forgot to even acknowledge.

So check out the book if you haven’t bought it yet, and write a review on Amazon. If you purchase Last Days on Amazon when you write your review you will be credited with having actually bought the book. Alas, that won’t happen if you purchase it from Sky Blue Press However, we never wish an author not to reap financial profit, so if you aren’t the type to write a review, buy your copy from Sky Blue Press! We are quite sure that if you buy from the publisher, that you will buy a second copy to write a fan note on amazon. We made the decision on starting this site in 1995, to not promote books we felt didn’t honor Nin. Since the author we assiduously avoided mentioning when our site was started has appeared on the pages of the aforementioned blog this notion now seems somewhat quaint. Particularly since we never then mentioned Nin’s first biography by award winning biographer Noël Riley Fitch ( ask her publishers to make it available on a Kindle here) I thought of this omission with much regret again when I saw Riley’s thoughtful appraisal of Kraft’s memoir and feel I must mention it, and drop the royal “we” of this letter to Nin friends.

As Donne wrote:

More than Kisses, Letters Mingle Souls, for thus friends absent speak.