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Rose of Sharon and Purple Jacaranda Mist

“Sharon did not die. Sharon is not dead. Sharon simply decided to live…over there, in another part of the garden…where a half moon floats sustaining the balance of day and night….knowing anytime, she can cross again that red curved bridge. “…I can see her now, standing under the thick purple mist of jacaranda…laughing.”

Kazuko Sugisaki

from a memorial booklet on Sharon published by Rochelle Holt of Lioness Press

Today is scholar Sharon Spencer’s birthday. She would have be celebrating her seventy-fifth birthday today.

Her piece Forever Anaïs graces our website as a lovely gift of scholarship she presciently did for our site in it’s early days.

We myth you Sharon! Here are the original pieces that were written for the booklet. We posted them on this blog on Sharon’s birthday in August of 2007.

Thanks to Wikimedia and their common license allowing our site to reprint this photo of a lovely purple mist of jacaranda. The photo was taken in Bhutan.

The photo is from the Wikipedia entry on this remarkable tree that so defines the far reaching blessings of the spirit of our Rose of Sharon.