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March 30, 1974 Taj Mahal Hotel

March 30, 1974

Dear Moira I was very happy to receive the beautiful calligraphy and design. I was concerned not to have heard from you since I told you I wrote my Mexico diary in your Sun book, I loved it so much. I’m glad your taking this art seriously.

Writing you on my writing paper collection-this place I never went to and I saved the paper sent to use for the Diary but for you I part with a page!

Should I return the photographs now that I have enjoyed your designs? I won’t know in time as I leave April 7 for a lecture in San Francisco and then for New York for Vol 5 and a talk at New School.

A letter from you is highly decorative and all the pain is dissolved in the legend which (is) described by Hesse.

Only a few words as I have not yet recovered my full energy. Love, Anaïs

July 15, 1974

July 15, 1974

Dear Moira

What a beautiful diary book-just in time for my assignment to visit and write about Noumcea, Port Vila and Bali. I will be gone for 5 weeks-no address. It will be a rest from pressures. Work piles up. Editing lectures (anthologized by Evelyn Hinz but I have to revise wording) If I have time before I leave I will send you a book by a fellow calligraphist which I’m not sure I understand but you may. When you have looked at it you can send it back.

You make such beautiful use of calligraphy the note book I could not resist writing in was one one filled with suns and quotes.

Also working on Vol 6, turning down lectures, writing prefaces for friends’ books.

As Vol 5 is lamenting my “failure” as a writer, to console you I ‘m sending the “honors” I am now receiving.

If you go to the Women Writer’s Conference you will see a documentary on my work and life called

AN Observed. Love, Anaïs