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Anaïs Nin N 23° 11.899 W 106° 25.441 Mazatla (Sinaloa) Mexico

Steven Reigns sent us an interesting little tidbit on a plaque dedicated to Anaïs Nin, in Mazatlan, Mexico. Mazatlan hosts several plaques honoring authors….usually writers who have visited or stayed in Mazatlan. This sign doesn’t indicate whether Anaïs Nin ever stayed here. It reads:

“La sexualidad no es nada sin el combustible
que la enciende: lo intelectual, lo imaginativo, lo romantico, lo emotivo.”

(“Sexuality is nothing without the fuel 
to light it: the intellectual, the imaginative, the romantic, the emotional “. )


Paris, 1903-Los Angeles, 1977

Mazatlan, Sin., Febrero del 2005.”

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Perhaps one should hold off making a visit the site her  until the leader of the Sinoloan Drug Cartel the recently escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is captured again.