Monthly Archives: October 2010

Greetings From The Labyrinth Fes / Nin’s White City

Arrived in Fes yesterday. Xeroxed seven pages from the second diary about Fez to read while here. I’m also carrying my Kindle and Volume 2 is available on the Kindle but of course I wanted our friends to have access to the printed page as well.

“A trip to Morocco. A short but vivid one. I feel in love with Fez. Peace. Dignity. Humility. I have just left the balcony where I stood listening to the evening prayer rising over the white city.”

Last night we sat on the top terrace of Riad 9 in the Medina, transfixed with the experience so similar to Nin’s listening to the evening prayer rising over the city, along with the spectacular sight of all the birds that owners let out of cages at this time of the day. A powerful and magical moment. This is a treasure of a Riad, the owner bought it eleven years ago, he was the second foreigner to buy a home in the Medina and it has been lovingly restored.

Steven Reigns was kind enough to send an audible file of Nin talking about Fez in Volume 2. How I wish I knew how to attach at m4a file to a blog for any of you reading this post.