Anaïs Observed: On DVD At Last!

Anaïs Observed is On DVD …. although with a different cover than the original video.

A 60-minute color documentary on Anaïs Nin. The NY Times said, “All of her fans should be sure to see this movie.” And James Leo Herlihy: “Robert Snyder gives us a deeply captivating experience of the 20th Century?s greatest art form…”

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You can also order the original book the film was based on and originally published by Swallow by Robert Synder (who passed away in 2004) There can’t be many, so order now!

Just after Rupert Pole died, when the Lifestyle editor of the LA Times Janet Eastman was writing a piece in The LA Times on Nin’s Home, in Silverlake, “Storied Past, Uncertain Future” the site lent this film (in video form) and the book with the other materials to the writer. In the story Eastman writes:

“Photographs and the 1973 documentary “Anaïs Nin Observed” by the late Robert Snyder show her posing, her hand gracefully holding her chin, at the mosaic-top dining room table alongside a bank of windows. Or sitting on an orange pillow on the coral carpet in the living room next to the glowing fireplace, her hair swept into a loose roll, lipstick perfect on her upturned smile, barefoot and wearing a scooped-neck caftan, her only accessory her diary in her hand.

It’s a Keeper.