Lampost Banners Celebrate National Poetry Month in LA

Steven Reigns the first Poet Laureate for the city of West Hollywood is celebrated along with other poets (23 banners in all) in California. Story about Reigns and his work can be found in this article from the Advocate

“The city already has installed 22 lamppost banners along Santa Monic Boulevard to highlight poetry and poets. “Public art is consumed by more people than any work at a museum. I want big exposure for poetry,” said Steven Reigns, the city poet, who curated this month’s events. “The great thing about lamppost banners advertising museum exhibitions is that our streets are lined with great works of art. It prompted me to think this would be the best way to expose mass amounts of people to poets and poetry.”

(excerpted from

Those lucky enough to live in LA can wander the streets and in a Narnian milli-second hold on to a lampost and enjoy reading poems or sit in an outdoor cafe or pub and have drinks and enjoy this of so Californian scene! or check out the various workshops and readings.

Banner On!