No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: “Lunch Break Book” about June Miller

Steven Reigns let us know about this “Lunch Break Book” available on the Kindle at Amazon

June Miller was the wife of the controversial American author Henry Miller. Notorious for explicit depictions of sex, Miller used graphic language to describe sexual feelings, sexual encounters, sexual organs, etc. His books were banned as pornography in the U.S. until 1961. June Miller was the great love of Miller’s life, his inspiration from the moment they met in a New York City dance hall, and a character in many of his works. She convinced him to quit his job and become a writer, and she supported him financially for years by waitressing and cadging money from admirers—although Miller suspected she was prostituting herself.

This book discusses June as Henry Miller’s muse, answers questions about “Who was June Miller?,” discusses June’s life with Henry, explores June’s life after Henry, and details the discovery by author Tamworth Grice, a lifetime Henry Miller fan, of June Miller’s grave in a small rural cemetery in Northern Arizona.

This Lunch Break Book is short enough to be read in 1 or 2 lunch breaks. Now instead of just wasting time, you can spend a pleasant lunch break learning something new, with Lunch Break Books! (above book description taken from the amazon site)

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Where else can one find a lunch for under three dollars? ($2.99)

To read more about the author Tamworth Grice, follow her blog at: Tamworth Grice Welcomes You.