Thank you Marie Popova: For Letting Us Pick Your Brain

My friend Valerie Harms just told me that Publisher’s Weekly has chosen the Graphic Canon Volume 3 as the most beautiful book of the summer. She mentioned that there was a comic graphic about Anaïs Nin.This is the shortened URL for the Publisher’s Weekly piece:

Alas in the piece, the comic associated with Nin is in the wrong place.

In searching for a better graphic to use (then just scroll down!) I re-found this amazing blog, which we have have quoted from before. So ever thanks to Marie Popova, whose astounding blog : all followers of this blog should instantly follow!and donate to. We just did.

Here is her words about the part of the book of most interest to fans of Nin. (The entire piece, entitled
Graphic Canon 3:From Virginia Woolf to James Joyce Visual Artists Take on The Classics. can be found here.)

“Given my undying love for Anaïs Nin’s diaries and letters, which have been the subject of several Brain Pickings Artist Series original collaborations, I was particularly delighted to find this contribution by Mardou:”