Anaïs Nin Audio Files:

We will be officially posting these summaries on our what’s new page
when our web site is updated by Anaïs Nin’s birthday February 21st. We are
posting individual “snippets” of the summaries Steven Reigns wrote, with immediate links to the audio files he has summarized because everyone who has read them has responded so enthusiastically to his words.

I’m so pleased to help with this project for the site. I quoted Nin as much as possible. I didn’t want to review the work as much as I wanted to summarize it. My desire was to create a guide for scholars and fans. If one wants to hear about her feelings on Vidal, they can quickly skim the summaries to determine which recording would be of interest.

After listening to the audio several times, I had a feeling that I had read what she was saying. I went to A Woman Speaks to discover Hinz used several of the recordings in her collection. I did spot an inconsistency with the date of the Cromie interview, and I added the specific day to the Women & Writing lecture.

Since these were all recorded around the same time, Nin repeated herself often. I’ve tried to highlight the non-repetitive comments.

–Steven Reigns

Steven Reigns ( ) is a poet, artist, and educator living in Los Angeles. A collector of Nin memorabilia and a latent Nin scholar, he has been interested in Nin since 1991.