Evelyn Hinz: Women Reconstructing The World

Evelyn J.Hinz, the creative critic, appears in the following pages of Celebration, Chapter Seven.

She also has a beautiful preface, entitled Women Reconstructing the World

She was the guest editor of Mosaic,XI/2 entitled

The World of Anaïs Nin: Critical and Cultural Perspectives.

Her assistant editor was Wayne Fraser.

Printed in 1978 by The University of Manitoba Press, our site recently purchased an additional copy.

With essays by Duane Schneider, Ian Hugo, Philip Jason, Benjamin Franklin V, and Anna Balakian among others, its a valuable addition to any collection/

Anna Balakian was also present at the Celebration Weekend, along with Evelyn.

Her words can be found in Chapter Eleven of Celebration.

Our site has always been most grateful to Valerie Harms editor of Celebration and one of the creatorsWeekend for giving us permission to provide the book online.


You can easily pick up a copy on abe.com. This link might work for a day or two!

Although Hinz and Balakian, like Nin are no longer with us, their words and connection to

Anaïs live on, reconstructing the world.

And your behind the scenes editor of this blog and former “celebrant” at that Magic Circles weekend so many years ago, continues with this site as homage to Anaïs, who inspired it all.